Sunday, 8 July 2007

It's a Stress Fracture

Well it is bad news all the way. After the pain in my lower left leg (inside) still had not completely gone after a week of doing nothing (including walking as I was in a car) I went to see a specialst.

The X-Ray showed nothing so not put off he sent me for an MRI on both my leg and my lower back. Well what a surprise the MRI showed I had a severe-critical stress facture in my lower leg. He immediatley put my leg in an aircast and gave me crutches. NO weight bearing for 6 weeks. The only savng grace is that I can swim so I am trying to keep my fitness.

This is definitely no the end of Challenge 40 its just a temporary hitch. I realise not the best of starts but I am determined to carry on and achieve this goal,

I will keep you posted on progress and my boredom levels ;-)