Thursday, 30 April 2009

Manic Thursday

Well four days on and things seem to be settling down. Stomach has been fine and bleeding has stopped. Saw my phsyio yesterday to get my legs checked out and apart from tightness and soreness due to Sunday they are fine. Going to go for a gentle walk today to try and loosen things up but only a short distance and very gentle.

Think the thing that is giving me the most jip is my shoulder, it has become so painful and I can;t use my arm very much at all. Its a good job I am having the surgery to sort it out.

Mentally I am at a point that I am struggling slightly, need to pull my finger out and start raising some money, as well as getting myself into a frame of mind to get through the last 9 races. Did have fun yesterday trying to register for the Osterund marathon in Sweden, as the wedsite was in Swedish, thanks to Alan at Adam's work for helping to translate. I think I am now registered, so that will be my penultimate race before the 40th race on the 2nd August in Sturminster-Newton.


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