Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hi All

Sorry for not posting sooner. After my last race, well the day after, I had surgery on my left shoulder, which has been more painful than I imagined. They had to do more scraping of bone and removal of things than they expected. It is slowly getting better, even managed to run this week which was good.

Am due to race on Sunday, am going to take it very slowly, just need to get round.

On another note, did end up in A&E on Saturday with severe stomach cramps, which I think they decided was just knock on affect of my polyp op, but not sure about that. Will be keeping an eye on that I think. I sat there in the very hard chairs, looking down at my stomach and I seriously looked pregnant, which I am definitely not.

Seems to have sorted itself out, though will be asking the consultant.

Will let you know how I get on sunday, and then its off to Center Parcs with the Adam, girls, sister and her family next week which will be cool.


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